Established in 2009

is barefoot wine vegan

Like many people my age I was raised in a family where meat and three veg was the standard evening meal. With age came knowledge and a sense of purpose and clarity of my personal values and drivers.

With a drive to leave a greener footprint on the earth and also take better care of the only body I will ever have I started on a journey which led me to choosing to live from plant based foods. As a vegan I have found my health has vastly improved and I feel I am doing my bit for our planet. 

I have to admit I have three guilty pleasures I did not want to give up with my lifestyle choice and they are cheese, wine and chocolate. So what did I decide to do? Create a website to share my picks and those of sommeliers around the best pairing. Vegan cheese, vegan wine and vegan chocolate have come a long way and I love my evenings where I sit down with a vegan cheeseboard, glass of vegan red and follow it up with a decaf espresso and vegan chocolate. All enjoyed over engaging conversations with friends.

I hope you enjoy my site and more importantly my Vegan Cheeseboard.

Stephen Williams


To increase awareness about vegan cheese, wine and chocolate.


To make vegan cheese, wine and chocolate a regular choice for vegans and non-vegans alike.


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