20 Best Different Types of Vegan Cheese Recipes (2021)

If you are a vegan, you must be careful with the kinds of foods you eat lest you imperil your own health. Of necessity, you must insist on equally vegan diets.

We are here to help you to make vegan cheese. In our discussions below, we have identified and are going to belabor the leading kinds of vegan cheese recipes.

Best Vegan Cheese Recipes for You


1: Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe


This is a homemade recipe that is by far the easiest to make. It also requires a limited number of ingredients and is hence cheaper also to make.

In fact, you only need salt, water, yeast flakes, coconut milk, and tapioca flour, and you are done.

Source: Ela Vegan

Vegan Cheese Sauce

2: Vegan Cheese Pizza Recipe


It is a combination of both pizza and cheese. By its definition, it encompasses the smoky red sauce and comes about in a thin and crispy crust.

The recipe is made by blending the cheese and the pizza under low heat for a couple of minutes. Being simple, it may also be made in the home environment.

Source: Willamette Transplant

Vegan Cheese Pizza

3: Vegan Cheesecake Recipe


As its name implies, this is an amalgamation of both cheese and cake. It hence brings about the twin benefits of cheese and a cake at the same time.

Unlike other vegan recipes, it comprises numerous fruits and vegetables like raw walnuts, almonds, and dates.

Source: Minimalist Baker

Vegan Cheesecake

4: Vegan Cheese Ball Recipe


In a nutshell, this is a recipe that assumes the spherical shape of a ball. It comprises the creamy flavor of the traditional vegan cheese while at the same time exudes some nutty exterior.

Many people resort to it for their parties, outside gatherings, and other common engagements that draw many people.

Source: Nora Cooks

Vegan Cheese Ball

5: Vegan Cheese Straws Recipe


If you want to celebrate an anniversary, this could be the recipe to set your eyes on. It comprises many awesome flavors and ingredients that add joy and delight to the parties and outside gatherings.

Most of the time, it is showcased in the form of straw, a fact that makes for easier administration.

Source: Plant Power Couple

Vegan Cheese Straws

6: Vegan Cheese Spread Recipe


You spread this one atop many kinds of foods like bread and scones. It works much the same way as margarine or peanut butter operates.

To make it, you use nutritional yeast, unsalted cashew, neutral oil, and lemon juice. All these add some health to your body over and above merely serving to refresh you.

Source: Tasty.co

Vegan Cheese Spread


7: Vegan Cheese Dip Recipe


Of all the vegan recipes we have around, this one tends to be the closest to the meat than any other. It is spicier, meatier, and cheesier, a fact that makes it mimic the real taste of the meat.

If you so wish, you may dip it in the chili cheese to enhance its flavor. It also brings along the added benefit of being devoid of soy and gluten.

Source: Delish Knowledge

Vegan Cheese Dip


8: Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe


In case you are short on time, you may have to attempt this one. It holds the title of being the simplest and fastest to make, of all the major recipes under our radar.

Its core contains the cream cashew, cheesy sauce, and a topping that makes for a remarkably awesome taste.

Source: Detoxinista

Vegan Mac and Cheese
Vegan Mac and Cheese


9: Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe


Take and make use of this recipe if you love bread and other confectionery. It exudes some deliciously creamy and cheesy vegan outward appearances.

Then again it brings about the added advantage of being easier to spread out atop the surfaces of the foods targeted. What’s more? It is also fit to eat on its own!

Source: Loving It Vegan

Vegan Cream Cheese
Vegan Cream Cheese


10: Vegan Cauliflower Cheese Recipes

Love the cauliflowers? Try and make good use of this specific recipe! It is gluten-free and strictly vegan. Then, it assumes the shape and the appearance of the cauliflowers.

On top of all these, it is also simpler to make on the whole and spreads out at a pace that is somewhat faster than the other alternatives.

Source: Healthy Living James

Vegan Cauliflower Cheese
Vegan Cauliflower Cheese

Bonus Cheese Recipes:

Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

This easy vegan cheese sauce recipe tastes just like nacho cheese and is delicious on enchiladas, tacos, noodles & pasta, as a dip, over taco bowls and so much more!

Source: Ambitious Kitchen

Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce
Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce


Vegan Goat Cheese


Vegan Goat Cheese Recipe – incredibly flavorful and versatile, this cheese is straightforward, easy, and one you will make again and again!

Source: Spabettie

Vegan Goat Cheese
Vegan Goat Cheese


Vegan Cheese Scones


These delicious vegan cheese scones are so light and ‘buttery’ no-one will believe they are vegan! A tang of mustard and dairy-free cheese makes them the perfect teatime treat or accompaniment to a steaming bowl of soup.

Source: The Veg Space

Vegan Cheese Scones
Vegan Cheese Scones


Easy Vegan Fondue


Seems like a contradiction of terms doesn’t it? Vegan fondue…? Well, it wouldn’t be another typical day in The Edgy Veg if I wasn’t trying to solve the Rubik’s cube that is vegan comfort food, would it?

Well, finally, after many years of trial and error, the vegan fondue recipe has finally been given the Carnivore Approved stamp of approval by multiple omni-friends and family.

Source: The Edgy Veg

Easy Vegan Fondue
Easy Vegan Fondue


Vegan Creamy Buffalo Mozzarella


Buffalo mozzarella, or fior di latte mozzarella, is the gold standard in Italian cheese. This ingenious recipe will have you crafting beautiful rounded balls of buffalo mozzarella, leaving the buffalo well alone.

Source: MBG Food



It is not really advisable for you to read through all these explanations yet take no concrete action in pursuance thereof. We hence urge you to attempt at least one recipe from the list above.

Simply follow the links placed underneath to set out. If the list does not meet your expectations, kindly follow the links we have placed here below as a plausible way forward.

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