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The Vegan diet features only plants, like fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. You must note that Vegans do not consume foods from animals, including eggs and dairy products. 

However, you can acquire many nutrients you require from consuming a balanced and varied vegan diet. In case you are worried about how to go vegan, worry no more since this article will make you more informed on the best procedures to go vegan.


Why Should You Go Vegan?


Nothing makes me happy like seeing you joining a Vegan community; this makes me appreciate and urge you to feel welcome. It is compassionate and brave of you to decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle. You should note that veganism is non-violence or dynamic harmless. 

However, this does not mean that I do not get pissed off. When wronged, my temper comes out just like anyone else, but as a Vegan, I try to reside a compassionate life without harming others around me, especially animals.


A Step by Step Guideline on How to Go Vegan


There are several steps you have to follow for you to go vegan. These steps include:


Step 1: Approach It Slowly


Most people think that they can go vegan overnight, not knowing it is more than okay to take it slowly since you can comfortably adjust to it gradually. 

Furthermore, the wheel power to adopt your Vegan diet is fantastic, but, ideally, you commence by cutting down on how much you consume products from animals. 

You can choose a meat-free day once a week since one meal a day is achievable than going vegan at once. With time you will comfortably adapt to becoming a Vegan. You might lose track during the first times, but it is okay because it is likely to get easier with time.


Step 2: Avoiding Focusing on What You Cannot Consume


When going vegan, it is ideal that you do not focus on what you cannot consume; if you do, you are likely to get miserable. On the other hand, do not concentrate on the things you miss; instead, you should think about what you find enjoyable. 


Additionally, for every food you find difficult to give up on, you should try and find an alternative for it, especially with something you love. 

You can opt for Beyond Burger as a meat alternative and many more Vegan alternatives, not forgetting Yoso Yoghurt as well as lots of nut-based Cheeses. With time you are likely to find products you love hence being easier for you to go vegan.


Step 3: Embrace Modern Food


It is appropriate that you use this duration as a Vegan who is new to embrace the real foods you have never tried before. These foods include; coconut yoghurt, plant milk, nut kinds of butter, tofu, and tempeh; note that fermented food is entirely delicious and has multiple varieties. 

You must try out all these new foods and bear in mind that they keep emerging in the industry each week. However, it is essential that you mainly focus on maintaining your nutrients boosted.


Step 4: Give a Try to Modern Restaurants


The best part of you going vegan is that there are numerous restaurants you can choose from. If you cannot figure out what to consume for dinner, you can always walk to the nearest restaurant. It guarantees inspiration and breaks for the next meal. 

Furthermore, numerous chain restaurants guarantee you vegan options or a menu. You can also opt to use a Happy Cow app to find the nearest vegan restaurant next to you quickly.


Step 5: Avoid Junk Food


Most people find it difficult to forgo vegan junk food since there are a variety of alternatives you can choose from. A balanced diet is a necessity for you because it supports your body fully. This much applicable if you are transitioning to a modern style of eating. 

Sometimes, it is appropriate to be involved in fast food, but you need to note that it is not long-term sustainable. In case you require some healthy vegan recipes, there are several of them in the industry.


Step 6: Get Organized


It is not easy to become a vegan, but this is a little easier if you try to get organized. 

It might sound awkward, but meal planning is usually vital when it comes to a Vegan diet. It feels nice to plan for the meal you will cook ahead of the duration; this allows you to shop for them early enough. 

Make sure that you shop sufficiently to avoid temptations whenever you feel hungry.


Step 7: Get Familiar With a Few Essential Vegan Recipes


It would help if you did not try to master a complicated recipe, especially when you are new to vegan; it is better to learn a few, which are likely to be simple and make them part of your favourite recipes. 

Moreover, recipes such as easy vegetable stew and warming bean chilli yield numerous portions and are effortless to make since they only need you to have a pot. 


They are perfect as leftovers for dinner or even lunch for the following day since they are fully packed with healthy ingredients. Therefore, it is always good to be kind to yourself via learning a few Vegan basic recipes.


Step 8: Supplement 


When you opt to go vegan, it is ideal that you take note of the supplements you are likely to take while adjusting to a vegan diet. 

Whenever you are experiencing any dietary change, it is ideal to ensure that you do not miss out on any given nutrients since all nutrients are beneficial to your body. Ideally, you can seek professional advice when it comes to supplements. 

Besides, many plant-based doctors recommend some supplements, like Vitamin D and B12, to vegans.


Step 9: Ask for Support


It is better that you do not struggle to go vegan since there are numerous groups and organizations you can consider asking for support on how to go vegan. Bear in mind that the Vegan society and Veganuary are the best resources you can use. 

You can also opt for multiple Vegan magazines because they feature inspiring guides and recipes on traveling, shopping, and nutrition.


Step 10: Avoid Being Disheartened


There is a time you are likely to fall off your wagon or feel like going vegan is too much. In case you have such an experience, you should breathe and avoid punishing yourself; meditate about why you went vegan. 

When you remind yourself of this, you will probably go back on track. It is also ideal that you go out as you take a break and also have food. Nothing takes away pressure like enjoying delicious Vegan food, which you have not cooked; this releases tension away from your head.



Quick Tips


You must be knowing that consuming less meat and a lot of vegetables is healthy for your body. It feels excellent to be part of the vegan diet since it does not have any animal products, even eggs, and dairy to boost your health or lose weight. 

Ensure that you have a vegan diet because it is a healthy way of consuming your meals, which are entirely vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. However, you should ensure that you do not miss essential nutrients. 

Therefore, below are several tips on how to go vegan. These are:


Ensure That Vegetables Are the Start of Each Meal


A complete meal does not have to come from meat, but a plant-based diet. Furthermore, vegetable meals that are packed are usually a winning choice for almost everyone. 

Note that vegetables have many minerals and vitamins, hence keeping in check your calories since they are maximum in fibre and satisfactory.


Eat Various Types of Foods


To get the entire nutrients, you require a vegan diet; this is vital when it comes to consuming a balanced diet that contains a variety of healthy foods. You are likely to get fibre as well as proteins from beans. 

On the other hand, leafy greens are a perfect vitamin K, C, and A source. Therefore, you must generate from the rainbow’s entire colours to make sure that you maximally benefit. 

Additionally, orange sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A to maintain your eyes’ health; blueberries contain brain-boosting anthocyanin, while red tomatoes feature heart-healthy lycopene. Therefore, it is a good idea that you try a well-balanced grain bowl.

Do Not Work With the Assumption on Vegan Foods


Ideally, it is appropriate that you do not assume that Vegan food products are healthier. Furthermore, Vegan cookies are not any better, especially to your waistline, compared to regular cookies. 

Bear in mind that vegan food that has undergone processing features coconut oil and saturation of fat-laden palm oil. It would help if you stuck to nutritious foods that are purely vegan whole-grain tortilla chips plus guacamole, dried fruits and nuts, hummus, and carrots.

However, opting for the vegan treat is not bad, but it is not a healthy choice even though it is vegan.


Focus on Omega-3s Fish Free


When you consume various healthy Vegan foods, note that some nutrients may still lack. Dual types of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA are essential for the brain and eye development; it is also healthy for heart health. 

Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids are primarily found in fatty fish, such as Salmon. However, they can be formed by your body in minimal amounts, especially from ALA. Note that soy, canola oil, walnuts, and flaxseed are other models of Omega-3, which are found in plants. 

Numerous foods, such as breakfast bars and soymilk, are fortified using DHA; note that the EPA/ DHA supplements are primarily from algae.

Consider Vitamin D


Many people acquire vitamin D from fish that is canned, such as sardines and Salmon; fortified products from dairies like yoghurt and milk. You can also get vitamin D from non-dairy milk, like orange juice, almond, or soy milk. Bear in mind that mushrooms are usually exposed to UV light and a perfect vitamin D source. 

When there is too much sun, the skin has the maximum potential to synthesize vitamin D. 600 IU is the daily value for the D. However, some experts suggest that it should be around 1,500 IU. This means you have to consume a supplement to hit these figures.


Best Books On: “How to Go Vegan”

How to Go Vegan

This book explains how, why, and everything you require to go vegan. In case you are a vegan full-time, or you probably know someone who happens to be a vegan, this book will guarantee you the entire tools you require to make alterations towards an ethical lifestyle that is happier and healthier. Furthermore, this book answers almost every question concerning Veganism.

How To Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy


7 Day Vegan Challenge


It gives you an easy guide to going vegan since it contains over 70 menu plans and tasty recipes. Bettina Compolucci Bordi indicates that with a bit of planning, the Vegan diet is never fun, accessible, and effortless. 

Additionally, Bettina uses affordable and easy to find ingredients to generate tasty and fast meals, which will not satisfy you. This book embraces almost everyone from full-time vegans to individuals who know the importance of eating more vegetables.

7 Day Vegan Challenge: The easy guide to going vegan: Featuring Over 70 Tasty Recipes and Menu Plans


The 28-Day Vegan Plan


This book introduces you to vegan diets; it comes with some easier and healthy plant-based recipes. It is a great way to commence eating beautiful vegetables. 

In case you are a new vegan, and you do not know how to, worry less since this book will guide you through your entire journey of becoming a Vegan. 

This book features Kim – Julie Hansen, a blogger, and a food writer, presenting an easy monthly plan. 

The 28-Day Vegan Plan: Kickstart a Plant-based Lifestyle in Just One Month


Go Vegan


The Go Vegan book is a guidebook on preparing delicious food daily for a healthy planet and family. It is an incredible book written by Marlene Watson-Tara, who is a professional in healthy Vegan Living. 

Besides, it features 85 recipes of the most nutritious foods on the whole planet. Each recipe comes with colorful photographs to motivate you as well as make you drool. This inventive of Marlene features a simple recipe, hence making consuming vegan easy and delicious. 

In case you are a vegan, you will have a clear understanding of environmental and nutritional principles for delicious and healthy eating. It is a perfect book for anyone who wants to go vegan.

Go Vegan: A Guide to Delicious, Everyday Food For the Health of Your Family and the Planet


How to be Vegan and Keep Your Friends


This product educates you on being compassionate to animals, considerate to your planet, and above all being healthy. Moreover, this book guides you on going vegan without excuses, apologies, and compromises. 

It makes you armed with 50 outstanding recipes to prepare a meal for yourself, family, and friends.

How to be Vegan and Keep Your Friends


How to Cook Everything Vegetarian


Bear in mind that this cookbook made vegetarian preparation ten years ago more than accessible to almost everyone. It comes with appropriate recipes for cooking vegan food and the preparation of smoothies. Make this book your number one choice, and enjoy being a vegan.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition




Based on the above information, you are now well familiarized with how to go vegan. This means it is now upon you to implement the above information and enjoy being Vegan.

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