Montezuma’s Dark vegan Chocolate with orange and Cocoa Nibs Review

Are you a fan of dark chocolate? If so, you won’t want to miss out on Montezuma’s Absolute Black vegan chocolate. This chocolate bar is not only vegan, but it only contains 8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. Therefore, it packs a delicious punch without the calories to worry about. Below, we will be going over what’s to like and not like about the Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Orange and Cocoa Nibs bar; a great vegan dark chocolate option.

What’s To Like

• 93% Dark Chocolate

As with any dark chocolate bar, this is one of the very first things that you should be looking at. You want to be certain that the bar of chocolate you are buying, that is advertised as dark chocolate, contains a high percentage of it. Some products will advertise themselves as a dark chocolate bar and contain low percentages. The lower the percentage, the higher you can anticipate the sugar content being.

• Cocoa Nibs (7%)

The other portion of the bar consists of cocoa nibs which give the bar incredible crunchy texture that will make you irresistibly want to take bite after bite. Without the nibs, this bar wouldn’t be nearly as impressive. If you enjoy your chocolate having a crunchy texture to it, you won’t be disappointed with the texture the nibs add to the bar.

• Orange Oil

vegan chocolate

The orange oil that is mixed into the dark chocolate bar really gives the vegan chocolate the kind of kick that you would want from a bar that consists of such a high percentage of dark chocolate. It can be a very intense flavour if you aren’t entirely used to it. Therefore, for those who may have a difficult time eating dark chocolate bars without flavouring, it is likely to be a very good addition. It is also great for those who enjoy a mix of flavours or something to add a kick to enjoy with a cup of great coffee or dessert wine.

• No Added Sugar

As mentioned, you will want to find a bar that isn’t going to fill every bite with artificial sweeteners or even natural sugar. This bar is 93% dark and 100% cocoa solids. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having to consume a bar full of added sugar. Added sugar only adds calories and takes away from the natural bitterness and intensity of the cocoa and there is no need to add it to these beautiful chocolates that are vegan.

• Can Be Melted

You can melt this chocolate and pair it with strawberries for a delectable dessert. It melts just like regular chocolate and makes a lovely dessert option for guests. Simple, luxurious, tasty paired with a plate of options for dipping in these melted vegan chocolates.

What’s Not To Like:

• Not The Cheapest

This might be perhaps the only downside to the bar. Montezuma managed to put together an exceptional vegan dark chocolate that can be perfectly paired with your favourite coffee or wine. However, the bar isn’t the cheapest on the market. Luckily, the cost of admission is truly worth it for its incredible flavour not to mention it is not a milk chocolate, there is no dairy, and it is definitely a vegan chocolate.

What To Pair It With?

• Your Favourite Strong Red Wine

Ideally, any bittersweet dark chocolate like this one should be paired with your favourite strong red wine that may even have concentrated fruit notes. By pairing it with a red wine, you will be able to balance out the intensity of the flavours which makes the pairing of food and wine more enjoyable.

• Your Favourite Dessert Wine

Pairing it with your favourite dessert wine is another good option considering it features orange hints. A good dessert wine to consider pairing it with would be Orange Muscat.


Overall, this vegan dark chocolate packs a punch and it is certainly worth buying. While it’s not the cheapest, it’s high-quality ingredients and excellent taste more than make-up for it. Find out more in our article titled: “Can vegans eat chocolate?”.

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