Oxford Landing Estates Sauvignon Blanc vegan wine Review

Australia’s most exceptional Sauvignon Blanc vegan wine is a beacon of delicious excellence and a snip of a price. The wine is pale straw in colour with hints of green. It comes with fresh aromas of Sauvignon Blanc grapefruit, passion fruit, freshly cut green papaya, and grass. The lively and light palate illustrates a layer of fresh lemongrass and guava flavours. More, so, it has a crunchy and fine acidity that helps to focus the taste buds on the finish, which is clean, persistent, and absolutely delicious. This is definitely one of the favourites and best wine offering excellent value for money.


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Oxford Landing Estates were founded by Wyndham Hill Smith in 1958 on the banks of River Murray, South Australia. Hill dug into the riverside of this river, and without doubts, the red soils were rich. The magnanimous sunshine came in handy, and together, the environment was perfect for producing quality grapes. Hence, Oxford Estates got established, a family-owned and dedicated to making varietal wines, including the renowned Oxford Sauvignon Blanc 75 cl. This winery has developed into one of the most innovative vinicultural estates around Australia that deliver flavours that replicate the unique vineyard terroir.

Vegan Wine Product Description

This White finest savoury is made using Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It is a variety grown on a range of red sandy soils over limestone. The Landing’s grapes have flourished since 1958 in the sustainably grown vineyards on the banks of river Murray on the family-owned vineyards. This enables a great foundation for their focus on vegan wines. These grapes produce a fresh herbaceous refreshment that features passion and citrus fruit aromas.

Landing Estates can express the individuality of each of their one hundred and thirty, five-acre blocks by using small vineyard techniques such as crop thinning, canopy management, and pruning. The small-scale approach is useful in winemaking as the wines get handled quickly and gently. The net content of this vegan grocery store wine is 750ml and comes in a six-bottle package.

Verification Details

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Picking of the grapes happens during the coolest period of an afternoon. For maximum flavour extraction, the grapes are left on skins post-crushing. The juices are handled with the utmost care, minimal contact, and cool fermentation to preserve natural pithy fruit flavours. As such, all the Landing’s wines get bottled at the main winery, in South Australia. As a commitment to minimal interference during winemaking, the estate has grown weary of fining their wines. They use cross-flow filtration to ensure the vegan wine is a pure expression of the region, and the entire wine collection is perfect for vegetarians. They nurture every step of the wine’s journey to ensure that provenance, authenticity, consistency, and quality get maintained.

Nutritional Information

What drinks can vegans have? The Oxford Landing Estates Sauvignon Blanc Wine 75 cl has been proven suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It contains sulphites and Sulphur dioxide. The alcohol volume is 10.50 percent and it is a great vegan wine option.

Perfect Food Match

To enjoy this refreshment at its best, you should drink it within one year of purchase. You can pair it with prawns’ scallops, fennel, potatoes, pork, chicken, couscous, asparagus or eggs. It is also best to serve with goats’ cheese, cheddar vegan cheese, milk chocolate, and strawberry salad. If you would like to make your own vegan cheddar cheese you can find a great recipe here.


In conclusion, this is a decent, lovely, and fresh drink that you can purchase at a reasonable price. This makes it a great option for your “daily” glass of wine. You will enjoy the great flavour and crispy taste of this wine from the South of Australia. Remember that the Oxford Sauvignon Blanc wine, should not be consumed by people who are not 18 years and above.

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