All-time Best and Easy Vegan Chocolate Mug Recipes

If you want to elevate your vegan chocolate experiences further, you may need to try out making the chocolate mug. These mugs may serve decorative purposes, may be consumed or used to serve other chocolate products. We are here to help you to start out with the task of making these mugs.

To do so, we will examine some of the all-time best and easy vegan chocolate mug recipes that many have tried out and have found to be satisfactory. 

Then, we shall also incorporate some links to external sources. You may follow those links to gain deeper insights and learn more about the recipes.

19 Vegan Food Bloggers Share Their Best Recipe

1. Nora’s

This is a super fudgy and moist chocolate vegan mug cake. It is great for consumption at any time of the day that the circumstances may suit. Moreover, it also takes a shorter time to make and bring to fruition. So simple and convenient it is to make, in fact you may even use the microwave oven to do the trick.

Full Recipe Here.


2. Jessica’s

If you only have the easy pantry ingredients, you may have this chocolate to set your eyes on. Its makeup and overall construction entail the use of the simple and common everyday ingredients that be. Then again it takes a paltry 5 minutes to set up and conclude makeup.


Full Recipe Here

3. Brandi’s

The Brand’s is not just your ordinary chocolate mug cake. It goes beyond the bare minimum parameters to meet the expectations of the diet-sensitive consumers. Among other traits, it is gluten-free, vegan, oil-free, and contains no trace of eggs in it. Also, it takes less than 5 minutes to make and is hence pretty convenient.


Full Recipe Here

4. Alison’s

Just in case you fancy fudgy and moist mega chocolates, you may have only the Alison’s to consider making. This chocolate is special in the sense that it is mainly suitable for nighttime consumption. As soon as every piece of ingredient is wholly incorporated, the item takes a paltry 90 seconds to bake.


Full Recipe here

5. Samira’s

Could it be that you are averse to dairy products? We ask you to attempt this specific chocolate if you answered back in the affirmative. The recipe contains no dairy products, eggs, or any other animal byproduct. Notwithstanding, it is also faster to bake by virtue of taking a paltry one minute.


Full Recipe Here

6. Nicolette’s

Planning to make a chocolate mug that is large enough for two persons at a time? This could be the one to set your eyes on. It is large and voluminous enough to suit the needs of two or more persons at a time. In its entirety, the chocolate is rich, moist, and packed with loads of essential nutrients.


Full Recipe Here

7. Araman’s

Most chocolate mugs unfortunately have plenty of calories that are definitely not great for the body. If taken in huge quantities, these calories may bring forth obesity and other metabolic disorders. You may wish to attempt this Araman’s recipe as it contains fewer than 100 calories. That is not to mention that it takes less than a minute to bake.


Full Recipe Here

8. Hugo’s

In a nutshell, this Hugo’s chocolate mug is delicious and also contains a wonderful gooey in its middle. Al so coming along is the fact that it takes less than 10 minutes. Its distinctive trait is the African cocoa powder that gives it the great taste and awesome crunchiness.


Full Recipe Here

9. Claire’s

When recovering from metabolic disorders, you need a chocolate recipe that is also friendly to the body. This one is completely devoid of any paleo, gluten, and dairy products. Adding to all these is the fact that it possesses a rich chocolate flavor. What’s more? It gets ready in under two minutes!


Full Recipe Here

10. Rhian’s

It is an amalgamation of maple syrup, milk, and coconut oil. Thanks to the mix of these awesome ingredients, the chocolate is mainly favorable to those who are deficient in fat and would also like to see their weights increasing. After mixing all of the above ingredients, the dough rakes only 50 seconds to bake in a microwave oven.


Full Recipe Here

11. Stacey’s

Chocolate cravings may usually arise at times or in moments that are least anticipated. To stand a fairer chance of satisfying this craving, you need a chocolate recipe that is emergency and impromptu. Of all that we have, this comes closest to that eventuality. Its ingredients are simple whereas it takes only a short time to bake.


Full Recipe Here

12. Audrey’s

Averse to issues to do with gluten or dairy products? You may want to try your hand at this vegan chocolate recipe. It is wholly meant for those who are completely allergic to the issues of dairy and gluten. Its makeup entails the simplicity of steps while it mainly suits a single serving when eventually baked.


Full Recipe Here

13. Catherine’s

Different chocolate recipes demand similarly different pieces of equipment to bake. This might excite you if you happen to possess fewer or largely rudimentary pieces of food-preparation equipment. Considering its simplicity of making and the haste with which it may be made, the recipe is really stress-free.


Full Recipe Here

14. Julie’s

Love fruits? Try this Julie’s recipe! It derives its core ingredients from the bananas and a mixture of other relevant fruits. Owing to this, the recipe mainly plays the role of the dessert. Look up to it hence for your use after taking the main course meals. Need we add that the recipe is really simple to make?


Full Recipe Here

15. Teenuja & Kevin’s

As its name suggests, this is a recipe that is extensively derived from vanilla. The vanilla in fact is used as the base upon which the other ingredients are built. Unlike your standard recipes, this one does not need the microwave or the oven to bake. Instead, it only requires some steaming to have the work done.


Full Recipe Here

16. Kirbie’s

At the core of many chocolates, mug recipes are the flour, which no doubt contains gluten. This locks out many people who simply do not want or are not really a fan of gluten. Why not try this one out if you are one such? It does not incorporate the flour in its makeup but is nonetheless truly delicious and packed with awesome ingredients.


Full Recipe Here

17. Melanie’s

When all factors are taken into consideration, this recipe is for someone who is constantly craving chocolates. It exists as a single-serve and is also a lot easier to serve. When freshly baked, the recipe is warm, packed with awesome flavors, and exuding of awesome aroma.


Full Recipe Here


Now that you have all the best chocolate mug cake recipes out there, let’s see two more mug cakes. These are not particularly a chocolate mug cake, but they’re not less tasty than the others as well.

Check them out!

Carine & Damien’s

Carine and Damien are the ultimate vegan vanilla mug cake. It does not contain any eggs and also gets ready in under 2 minutes. Its texture is fluffy whereas its crunches are moist. The mix of these two makes the chocolate easier to ingest and break down upon being taken into the bodily system.


Full Recipe Here


Simplicity is the strongest point of this vegan chocolate. It contains only the bare minimum ingredients and at the same time asks for only simple preparation steps. All you have to do is garner the simple and common household ingredients. Upon mixing the same, you stash the dough in a microwave oven and have the chocolate ready in under 10 minutes.


Full Recipe Here

Tips for Making Amazing Mug Cakes

Adhere to the following tips to make the most amazing mug cakes possible:

Top Up For Enhanced Flavors

You should make use of a topping to enhance the flavor of the chocolate. The topping enhances the flavor of the cake in such a way as to make it taste better. If you are spoilt for choice, the homemade ganache might be a great taste to consider leveraging or starting out with.

Serve While Hot

To get the most of the chocolates, you are advised to serve while hot. Waiting for too long will only serve to harden the recipes and render the same too crunchy to fit your mouths well. Moreover, a freshly-baked cake is more likely to have a fresher and nicely-smelling aroma.

Microwave For Less Time

Avoid the temptation of baking the recipes for too long a duration of time. Letting the chocolate recipes stay for too long in the microwave does have the impact of hardening the final outcomes. There is also the temptation of breaking the nutrients and rendering the same ineffective when ingested.

Refrain from Over-filling the Mug

In the course of making the chocolates, chances are yet again rife that you may over-fill the mug. This should never happen at all. Instead, you are only to pour that much batter in the mug. The idea is to give the same space to expand when the ingredients are eventually placed in the microwave ovens.

Employ the Self-rising Flour

The self-rising flour is the one we recommend for those recipes that are derived from the flour. This is because such a flour takes or requires only a small volume of the flour to achieve or bring forth the desired effects. Moreover, it yields more consistent and uniform ends when compared to the ordinary flour.

Attempt Different Containers

Needless to say, the chocolate mugs assume or take up the shapes of the containers that are used to make them up. You can never rely hence on only one container. Instead, we recommend the use of many containers to yield forth equally diverse shapes of the final outcomes.


It is worth noting that the explanations we have given forth against each recipe above are mainly meant to be an eye-opener. They are too shallow and scarce to be relied on for any baking exercise. For that reason, we ask you to proceed to the links we have furnished alongside each recipe.

Therein, you will find the full explanations of the recipes with regards to the ingredients that may be needed as well as the steps to follow to bring the chocolate-making to fruition. How soon might you want to embark on the chocolate-making exercise? Kindly let us know. We value your feedback…

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