3 Different Ways You Can Make Vegan Chocolate Pots at Home

Are you a vegan who doubles up as a chocolate enthusiast? Have you been seeking ways and means of quenching that craving conclusively? 

We are pleased to notify you that you have arrived at the right place. Here, we have crafted and will tackle three fantastic recipes you may attempt to make such chocolate pots.

Make Delicious Vegan Chocolate Pots At Home

We now get to the three main ways you can explore to make a vegan chocolate pot at home:

1. Dairy-free Chocolate Pots

In a nutshell, this is a dark chocolate pot that also bears some lightly whipped coconut cream.

It hence serves aesthetic values over and above merely holding and serving the chocolate recipes at home. Thanks to its dark nature, this one is also packed with a host of vital nutrients.

Dairy-free Chocolate Pots


Gather the following ingredients and essentials before setting out:

Step-by-step Procedures

Now follow the procedures stipulated below to actualize the task:

Step I: Chop the chocolate

Start by chopping the chocolate into tiny pieces. Please use a sharp knife and go about the issue slowly and steadily. Chocolate is ordinarily brittle and highly susceptible to breakages. After you are done with the exercise, place those tiny pieces into heatproof bowls.

Step II: Scoop out some cream and heat

Move ahead now to scoop out some coconut cream and then place the same in a small saucepan. Pour a modest quantity of the coconut oil into the cream.

Proceed to put the same in a heating medium. Set the heating temperature low and let the mixture heat slowly till it gets to the boiling point.

Step III: Mix the coconut with the chocolate

At this stage, you should mix the coconut with the chocolate. Pour the chopped chocolate slowly and steadily. Refrain from the temptation of doing so forcefully to prevent the oil from splashing and scalding your skin. Stir gently to spread out the chocolate pieces and allow for uniform ends.

Mix the coconut with the chocolate

Step IV: Allow melting

Give the mixture a little bit of time to melt out completely. As it does so, use the spatula to stir the mixture slowly and steadily until the result is thoroughly combined and also silky smooth. Reduce the heating temperature to allow the mixture to melt out slowly and steadily.

Step V: Pour out the contents in selected glasses

Wait until the mixture is entirely fluid. Then, pour it out into the containers you will have set aside for the entire exercise earlier. Leave the mix untouched to allow it to cool, settle, and harden. That should take around 3-4 hours. You may place the same in the fridge to accelerate the process.

Step VI: Serve carefully

Conclude the exercise now by using the pot to serve your favourite chocolate recipes. As you do so, consider supplementing the serving with the whipped coconut cream and the dark chocolate grating. These have the attendant impacts of elevating the appearances and aesthetics of the pot altogether.

2. Paleo and vegan Chocolate Pots

The paleo is a plant-based diet that is richer for vegans as it supplies sufficiently high levels of protein but without incorporating any animal contents.

If you are protein-deficient or would wish to add more protein to the body, these orange chocolate pots could be a nice one to try out.

Paleo and vegan Chocolate Pots


Find and garner these essentials as you will need them along the way:

  • 1-3/4 cups Almond milk (or any other non-dairy milk)
  • 6 oz. unsweetened chocolate (100% cacao)
  • 1 cup (about 12) Medjool dates

Step-by-step Procedures

Now follow the procedures explained hereunder to make the vegan chocolate pots coconut milk:

Step I: Chop the chocolates

Kickstart the exercise by chopping the chocolates into smaller chunks. As always, be slow and steady as you go about the business. 

Chocolate is brittle and easily crumbles when subjected to heavy force within a shorter duration of time. Use an extremely sharp knife as well for better impacts.

Step II: Melt the chocolate

Place the chunks of the chocolate in the microwave oven. A double boiler might also help in the absence of the microwave oven. Set the heat output very low to allow for slow and steady melting. Rushing the exercise may only serve to liquefy the chocolate and render it unworkable.

Step III: Blend the ingredients

Introduce the dates and the Almond milk in the equation. Pour the molten chocolate obtained in the step above into the blender. Then, pour these two ingredients slowly and steadily. Use a spatula to stir the mixture slowly and steadily until the resultant mixture is uniform in scope.

Step IV: Blend again

Add the molten chocolate to the mixture above and then blend again. The chances are that this mixture might be too thick and highly viscous. Hence, you may have to reheat it to break down the molecules and make the same assume some dilute stature. Be sure to obtain a consistent outcome before calling it a day.

Step V: Empty the contents in jars or small bowls

You now have to empty the contents in jars or small bowls. Do so slowly and steadily to have every droplet fall into the bowls and the jars. Leave the contents out in the open to cool and harden naturally. If you are short on time, you may also place the same in the refrigerator to harden faster.

Step VI: Apply some toppings

Top the mixture using chocolate chips or cacao nibs. These two do end up boosting the visual appeal of the chocolate ends while at the same time furnishing additional nutritional values to the outcomes altogether. Enjoy the servings for the next three days.

3: Vegan Chocolate Pots

This vegan chocolate pot is a simple recipe that is wholly targeted at or intended for a person who is averse to animal products. Of the three, it is perhaps the simplest to carry out and make.

It’s only serious downside is that it is devoid of many rich nutrients you may also need in the process.

Vegan Chocolate Pots


These ingredients are a ‘must-have’ as they form the basis of the chocolate-making:

  • 1 large pinch of dried chilli flakes
  • 1 large pinch of sea salt
  • 1 lime
  • 1 tablespoon dark rum
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste
  • 160g maple syrup
  • 200g dairy-free dark chocolate
  • 700g gluten-free silken tofu

Step-by-step Procedures

Following these procedures will help you to do the job:

Step I: Break the chocolate

Begin by breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces. This specific chocolate is a little bit more brittle. Do not use a sharp knife as you have been doing all along. Instead, place a small pan over low-to-medium heat, fill it halfway with boiling water, and then crumble the chocolate in it. Stir slowly and occasionally.

Step II: Squeeze out the tea in a bowl

As the boiling water is melting the chocolate in stage one above, squeeze out the tea in a bowl. To do this, line up a medium bowl using a clean tea towel. Introduce some tofu and then bunch up the tea towel. Channel the contents strictly in the bowl without any dropping on the flow.

Step III: Blitz the contents

Now pour the tofu into the food processor and mix the same with the remaining ingredients. Mix the same with a good pinch of salt. Round it up by blitzing the mixture for around 1-2 minutes or until such a time when the resultant ends are completely smooth.

Step IV: Pour in the melted chocolate

In this step, you should now pour the melted chocolate mousse into the mixture. Then, slowly and steadily, stir the mixture until everything is thoroughly combined. Use a spatula to do this job. Be slow and steady to prevent a situation in which you may imperil the final ends’ quality.

Step V: Divide the mixture

Divide the mixture now among the various bowls you have. Leave the mixture to cool and then pop them in the fridge for around 15 minutes to chill completely. Serve after that when cool and chill or in the form of chocolate pudding. We recommend sprinkling the dairy-free dark chocolate or crunchy biscuits and nuts.

How to source the ingredients and essentials

As you may see from the preceding explanations, you need many ingredients to develop whichever recipe you might want to make. Those ingredients differ markedly from one recipe to another one. There are factors hence you may have to consider when sourcing these ingredients. We delineate them below:

Recipes you intend to prep

The recipes you intend to prep should stand out as the premier factor that informs the ingredients’ choice. The ingredients you pick must be necessary and needful for the precise kind of chocolate you plan to make. You may hence have to assess your needs carefully.

Storage space and requirements

Each of the above ingredients demands unique storage and handling conditions. These vary from temperature levels, humidity, air pressure, and of course, the size of the container to be used. You have to ascertain each ingredient’s unique need before going ahead to find the most suitable one.

Planned longevity of use

How long in total do you plan to store or use the ingredients? 

Some ingredients get stale a bit too soon. Others, though, may last long without perishing. In your search for suitable ingredients, take care of the longevity of time you may want to dedicate yours to use.

Cooking expertise and experience

Different ingredients demand similarly different levels of expertise to handle. You have to be mindful of this fact as well. Choose a set of ingredients whose handling lies well within your level of expertise. You do not want to settle on something that may be too complicated for you to comprehend easily.

Weather and Climate

Weather and climatic conditions also play a vital role insofar as the longevity of these nutrients are concerned. It hence goes that you ought to consider the area where you may wish to devote yours to use. Other than this, you may also want to have some strong refrigeration in place just in case.


The explanations we have provided above are not all that may be necessary to know. There indeed are numerous other recipes that we inevitably had to leave out due to space and time constraints. You, therefore, want to go beyond what we have provided.


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