Beautiful Vegan White Wine Review – Anselmi San Vincezo

Are you a wine lover? The Anselmi San Vincenzo 2018 Vegan White Wine is a delicious offering from the Cru vineyards of the legendary Italian winemaker Roberto Anselmi. You will find a lot of these wines on the list at a lot of Michelin Star restaurants in Italy. This wine stands out as an affordable yet delicious vegan wine. In this, we will be going over more in our review of the vegan wine.

Tasting Notes and Other Details

• Crisp Taste

This wine is designed to appeal to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Lovers. However, it features both a juicy yet crisp taste that makes it really stand out with great structure.

• Aged

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This wine features low production and it is aged six months using wild yeasts as part of the winemaking process.

• 70% Garganega and 30% Sauvignon

• Vegan

• 13% Alcohol by Volume

This is a wine that offers a good amount of alcohol. This makes it a good starter beverage to serve at a get-together or an event especially for those looking for wines that are vegan.

anselmi san vincezo vegan white wine Pros:

• Taste

This is one of the best tasting wines. This is especially true when you factor in the price point. The wine is extremely affordable and your guests surely won’t be disappointed if you hand this vegan wine out. It features a very crisp and juicy taste that is extremely refreshing. It closely mimics more expensive wine without the acidity that is present in a lot of them. It even offers a long flavoursome finish, as well thanks to the winemakers.

• Value

As mentioned, the price that you are getting this wine for is criminal. You are getting one of the best tasting vegan wines you will find on the market at its respective price point. You will be hard-pressed to find a vegan wine that is even twice or three times the price with the same quality. You will find that this wine stands up to some of the different white Burgundy wines on the market but without the high product price tag to go along with it.

• Aesthetics

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The bottle features a label and an overall aesthetic that makes it seem much more expensive than it actually is. This is something that you will find with a lot of Roberto Anselmi’s wines. As soon as he divorced from the Soave DOC, he was really pressing to make some of the most value-packed and affordable high-quality wines with different blends. He maintained his consistency with the aesthetics of the bottles to present a much more expensive looking wine than product price suggests. This is a great bargain from one of the top vegan winemakers.

anselmi san vincezo vegan white wine Cons:

• You Need To Like Soave Wine

If you don’t like Soave wine with a dry flavour, you may not necessarily enjoy this particular vegan white wine. Soave wine is from the Veneto region in northeast Italy, near Verona, and is made of Garganega grapes grown around the medieval village of Soave.

Is It Worth Buying?

vegan white wine

Yes, this wine stands out among the crowd in a hotly contested vegan wine marketplace. If you are looking for a wine that is capable of delivering taste beyond what you are paying for, look no further. Wines from the Soave region, of which this is inspired, improve with age and are becoming more widely known but are still very undervalued so you can absolutely get a bargain here. Roberto Anselmi never fails to deliver more value to any vegan white wine enthusiast. If you are interested in the perfect vegan wine to pair with your favourite appetisers or you are looking for the perfect vegan wine to serve at your next party, this should be one of the top contenders for the spot.

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