Why Go Vegan? Does It Make Any Differences?

Veganism is a vital way to support the animals’ rights. Living with no moral compromises and spare your planet. Numerous people have chosen to go the vegan way each day.

If you are not new to Veganism, you probably understand that this lifestyle is not challenging to follow since it is the best way to go. 


However, some people have an assumption that Veganism is impossible, unnatural as well as unhealthy. Bear in mind that all this is false since when you opt to be a vegan, you have chosen to stay a healthy life, which keeps you in line with a natural order of doing things. 

Therefore, they are multiple reasons why you should go vegan; this article will make you more informed on these reasons.


The Benefits of Going Vegan


Vegan diets are popularly known for helping an individual lose weight. Apart from that, they guarantee you many more additional advantages, especially for starters.

It helps you keep a healthy heart. Below are several benefits that come with going vegan.

benefits of veganism

For Our Health


In case you are a well-prepared vegan, you must follow healthy eating guidelines, which feature the entire nutrients that your body requires. 

Statistics from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics adhere that Vegan is appropriate at each stage and age in life. Furthermore, Vegan offers you maximum potential to know more about cooking as well as nutrition.

It also educates you on how to boost your diet. Obtaining the nutrients from your plants’ food gives you a lot of room in your entire diet, especially for health-boosting. 

These health-boosting options include; vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and whole grains rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Therefore, do not give Vegan a second thought since it makes your health its priority.

Research also indicates that Vegan the following:


  • Blood Sugar Levels and Boost the Kidney Functioning

If you go vegan, you are likely to benefit from two models of diabetes and enhance your kidney function. Vegans have blood sugar levels that are lower, maximum insulin sensitivity.

With Vegan, you have a 50 to 78% lower risk of contracting the two types of diabetes. It also prevents you from developing more health complications.


  • Guarantees You Protection Against Cancer

Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that a third of the entire cancers can be avoided by aspects within your management, such as diet.

Furthermore, consuming legumes more often minimizes the risk of contracting colorectal cancer. When you eat vegetables and fresh fruits, minimize the risk of getting cancer by approximately 15%.


For Animals


This is one of the essential things you can do to bring to an end animal cruelty. In case you do not pay for animal products, you are likely to minimize their demand.

This means very few animals are prone to die or suffer in the slaughterhouses and on farms.



On the other hand, being a vegan does not mean that you only protect the animals; there are more reasons to staying vegan and being Vegan, such as:


  • Enhancing Relationship With Animals

The key factor to becoming a vegan s to enhance your relationship and emotional attachment with your animals. Moreover, numerous people believe that the entire sentient creatures have a right to freedom and life.


  • Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Becoming a vegan is one of the best ways to stand against animal exploitation and animal cruelty everywhere. Bear in mind that being a vegan shows how much you are truly compassionate to animals.


For the Environment


Apart from household rubbish recycling to cycling and work, there are more ways to live a much greener life. When you avoid entire animal products, you are likely to minimize the carbon footprint.

Like meat, generating animal products is tricky in your environment; this is from the animals’ crop and water you need to feed your animals.



Moreover, this goes up to transport and fork to farm processes. Bear in mind that the less you disturb the environment, the more it is likely to benefit from it. Vegan is beneficial for your environment in numerous ways, including:


  • Cutting Gas Emissions From Greenhouse

The primary benefit of Vegan to the environment is that it minimizes the carbon footprint drastically. On the other hand, it minimizes finite resources since factory farms, and more similar operation farms consume more energy, especially fossil fuels.


  • Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Soil


Vegans help you in conserving the organic nature of vegetables and fruits among many more vegan foods via avoiding animals’ by-products and meat.

You must know that factory farms generate much manure, you have to take it somewhere. Additionally, manure has hormones and more additives, which farmers sell to make profits. Clean soil does not feature hazardous additives or chemicals.

When many people consume a vegan diet and consume a little meat, the soil will remain cleaner to grow the entire varying food models for your consumption.


For the Adventure


In case you take much of your time on Veggie Vagabonds, you must be more passionate about Veganism and the outdoors. For you to cycle a continent, swim an ocean, climb a mountain, or go adventurous, you must choose a healthy, happy vegan lifestyle.


  • Vegan Outdoor Gear

It is not easy to find the appropriate vegan outdoor gear since various gears compete with others in the industry. However, when you take your good time, you will likely get the perfect gear for your adventure.

On the other hand, you can also be a vegan climber requiring bush-free boar hair or a vegan runner needing modern trailer shoes; not that you will get what suits you best.


Global Health


You might be wondering what global health has to do with Veganism, but these two work together. Moreover, global health is similar to world health, usually sponsored by the World Health Organization.

It is used to maximize awareness on specific health issues; note that world health day is usually held annually. There are multiple ways of going healthy and keeping fit, like hydration, sleeping, and exercising.

Global health day encourages people to go vegan, especially for maintenance of their overall health, such as:


  • Minimizing Blood Sugar Levels

Going Vegan is beneficial for individuals with the two types of diabetes or those at the risk of contracting such a condition. A good percentage of people who go Vegan are usually able to minimize their blood sugar medication dosage. 


  • Benefits the Skin

A variety of vegan foods you are likely to eat benefits you on the inside and the outside. Statistics show that dairy products irritate acne because dairy products have a maximum amount of processed sugar, which boosts insulin levels.

This triggers the breakout of acne; it would be better to make it a habit of going Vegan by avoiding the animals’ product and make your skin glow.

Furthermore, if you’re more into the beauty and skincare thing, I urge you to check this article out.


  • Helps Losing Weight

Many people are going vegan because of the planet-based diet route. When you follow the vegan diet, it helps you to lower your calorie intake naturally.

It is recommended that you go vegan to reduce your body weight; for it to work correctly, you have to go the junk food over.


Eliminating World Hunger


This earth has more than sufficient food to ensure that 10 billion people are fed, but there are only 7 billion people in the entire world. Why is it then that people die of starvation daily?

The primary reason why starvation hits the world tough is that:


  • A Lot of Food Is for Animal Consumption

A lot of food is for animals, which is reared for consumption by humans. Bear in mind that the quantity of food you might use to feed your livestock is beyond the end product, the meat you produce from your livestock.

95% of oat and 80% of grains are livestock food on this planet, while this amount of food is enough to feed 800 million people. Every day, over 25,000 people lose life because of hunger.

To make it worse, 82% of local people in developing countries lack food, but they reside in rear livestock areas. 


How Hard Is It to Go Vegan?


If you tell people you are a vegan, they must think of it being difficult. However, it is difficult to forgo animal products; it is even harder to converse with meat-eaters. There are several aspects of how hard it is to go vegan. These are:


  • Striking a Balance Between Seeming Evangelical & Advocacy

Being a vegan can bring a huge difference in your entire life. Most people who have gone vegan share how Vegan has altered their lifestyle, morality, and health.

However, it is not easy for the family and friends to share how a vegan diet can help in terms of health issues they seem to complain about. You must know that almost everyone hates a preachy vegan. 

You need to understand that if a vegan does not talk about animals, no one will talk about them. Therefore, this means you should have a way of balancing things by knowing when to talk about it and letting people have their way.

You can also opt to wait until someone inquires about your diet, then you can confidently share your experience. Sometimes out of love, you can also find yourself sharing without even being asked about it.


  • Receiving the Same Judgment You Used to Give Other Vegans

Most people who are not vegans judge vegans as people who care more about animals and not people. You might think that vegans are better than you since they are self-righteous, hence denying their humanity, which is not the case here.

Furthermore, people fail to understand that the same judgment you are likely to give the vegans is a similar one you will receive if you become one.

On the other hand, if you become one, you will likely experience the importance of becoming a vegan and understand that you are trying to do what is 100% right.

You can be termed as extremists and weirdos, like the entire activists who raise to protect marginalized groups’ rights before their entire movement is normalized.


Things to Know Before Going Vegan


Nothing has come a long way like Veganism. It is a suitable animal-free diet. You must know that it is usually high all the time. However, before going Vegan, it is appropriate that you get to know what you are getting yourself into.

Below are some things you need to know before going Vegan. These include:


You Require a B12 Supplement

Vitamin B12 1500mcg - Methylcobalamin - 365 Tablets - 12 Month Supply

Bear in mind that vitamin B12 emerges naturally in animal foods only. When you go on a vegan diet, it means there is no consumption of animal products.

Therefore, it is appropriate to ensure you have sufficient B12 fortified foods and a supplement of B12.

Furthermore, B12 is a vital vitamin; it is responsible for maintaining your blood cells and the body’s nerves healthy; it also helps make DNA.

Besides, A deficiency is likely to lead to depression, nerve problems, weight loss, loss of appetite, constipation, weakness, and tiredness.


Avoid Replacing Animal Products With Junk


When you forgo meat, do not opt for junk food such as chips and bread. It is not a good idea to fall in love with animal products that feature minerals, vitamins, and proteins for processed foods, which generate a bit of nutritional value than calories—moreover, junk results in a grumpier mood, weight gain, as well as hunger.

There are plenty of delicious foods to eat as a vegan. Don’t trust me? See this guide for yourself and learn how to cook delicious vegan burgers at home!


Take Time to Be a Vegan


You cannot just become a vegan at once since it takes works, meaning it also has to take some duration. Please commence by adding plant-based foods to your entire diet as you slowly cut down on animal products, more so the non-organic ones. Becoming a vegan is a gradual process as you access the entire process.


Best Books on Why Choose Vegan Lifestyle?


Why We Should Go Vegan By Magnus Vinding

Why We Should Go Vegan

This product is eligible for a free click as well as a collection with no minimum order. It answers why you should go Vegan and agrees you should go vegan. This conclusion is based on a wide examination of the challenges of not being a vegan.

This is about animals on your farm, the risk of spreading and contracting diseases, environmental pollution, and human health. Making this product your number one product and experience outstanding performance.


How to Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy. 

How To Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy

Nothing is easy, like going vegan. Therefore, whether you are a complete vegan, it is appropriate that you consider making your switch.

Bear in mind that this book guarantees you the tools you require to make alterations towards a happier, ethical, and healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, this book will show you how to go Vegan, the benefits, and all you require to know about the Vegan lifestyle. Make this product your choice, and you will love being a vegan more.


Going Vegan

Going Vegan: Why You Should Go Vegan, and Other Vegan Essentials for Those New to Veganism ( How to Become Vegan )

It explains why you should consider going Vegan and other essentials of being a vegan for modern Veganism. Most beginners fall in love with this book since it is well detailed and correctly introduces you to Veganism.

For you to get more knowledgeable about going Vegan, opt for this product, and you will experience absolutely no disappointments.


Why Vegan?

Why Vegan?: Eating Ethically

One of the prominent moral philosophers, Peter Singer, challenges feeding on animals before his Seminal Animal Liberation publication in 1975.

In his book, he brings together consequential essays along to his career of fighting against animal torture. Furthermore, being a vegan, he investigates the effect of meat, especially on global warming.

This book makes you more informed on Veganism. Opt for this product to experience incredible performance.



Based on the above information and review, you now understand why you should go Vegan. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement the above information and experience the benefits of going vegan.

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